Safadi Group

Safadi Group International

The Safadi Group International GmbH provides services, support and projects aiming at special needs of Arabic countries. One of the Safadi companies is very successful in the construction and real estate business predominantly in Germany. Due to the excellent contacts to national construction companies and the real estate market, Mr Hatem Safadi, an architect, can help investors to find outstanding investment opportunities in a safe and growing market in Germany.
The international branch of the Safadi Group, which is part of a Trading Platform, embraces trading of crude oil and oil products for international consumers and industries. The formal registration as trader by the Oil & Gas Ministries of the Republic South Sudan and the Sultanate of Oman helps to boost this business.
Other activities encompass modern irrigation, fertilization and agriculture projects tailored to the specific needs of countries with water shortage, droughts and the need to transform arid and desert areas into farmland. The technologies used allow also the highly specialised irrigation of palm trees, open-space farming and green houses and the transformation from salty and grey water into potable and irrigation water. Experiences in several countries demonstrate a reduction of water consumption by up to 70 % and a yield increase of up to 30 %.
Beyond such projects of rather small size the Safadi Group enjoys a unique relationship with one of the largest investment companies in Europe with links to all large international banks and investors. This relationship allows the Safadi Group to recommend and support large infrastructure projects for the Arabic countries.
Another part of the international activities take care of the marketing and sales of a highly effective nutritional supplement, Med Arthro, which is a Hyaluronic Acid Choitrodin Complex (HCC) that strengthens joints and controls arthritis. Similar products for other application will be introduced soon.