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The Safadi Group International is a German company operating in the fields of investment insurance, medical products, commodities trading, agriculture development, technology transfer and others. Our objective is to promote business between Germany and the Arab World and explore new prospects in this regard.


We are proud to have exclusive licenses in the Arab World for distributing products of German patents as well as exclusive licenses in Germany for providing high services provided by Arab institutions.  For the Arab World we bring German latest medical breakthroughs, opportunities for transferring the world- acknowledged advanced German technology and chances for agriculture development for the massive areas of arid lands in the Arab World. For German investors interested in exploring the great business opportunities in the Arab World we encourage them to invest and trade with almost any of the various Arab states.


We provide these services through the following:



Medical products


Magnezix : Made for fixing bones and bone fragments, it is a magnesium-based alloy that degrades completely in the body and is replaced with the patient’s own body tissue.

Arthro Heal :  Without need for injection, this product taken orally deals with Arthrosis and its damaging effect on the patient’s joints helping him to regain his ability to move without pain.




Agricultural development


Geovatio : An organic fertilizer providing essential complement of soil humus and high nutritional value, leading to high productivity and saving water usage.



Technology transfer




Solar Energy



Investment Insurance


Dhaman : Investment Guarantee and Export Credit Insurance Schemes for, respectively, European Investors in and Exporters to the Arab World. This is provided by Dhaman, a multilateral development agency owned by the 21 Arabic countries.


Tasdeer : Credit facility to the importers of Saudi products and for overseas Turnkey projects having Saudi capital. This is offered by Tasdeer, established by a group of Saudi businessmen in cooperation with the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



Commodities trading


Sugar : Brazilian high quality white sugar provided for, mainly, Arab countries’ markets.



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