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As an effective medicine and food supplement, Arthro Heal deals with Arthrosis and its damaging effect on the patient’s joints helping him to regain his ability to move without pain. Arthro Heal is a breakthrough in the field! No longer would the patient need to have injection with all its involved pain and problems! Arthro Heal is taken orally, and rather than targeting a specific joint, it would benefit all the joints of the body!


Arthrosis is a chronic permanent and incurable degenerative joint disease. It develops slowly affecting structures participating in joint regeneration and function, the synovial fluid, the synovial membrane as well as the joint capsule, the ligaments and finally the muscles. Old age, malposition, permanent overuse or sports accidents are among the causes of cartilage degeneration.


Arthro Heal with its mix of Hyaluronic Acid – Chondroitin helps in cartilage regeneration, protection preparations and alleviation of pain which lead many patients of Arthrosis to achieve good results. The Hyaluronic Acid guarantees the smooth function of a joint: It gives the synovial fluid its viscous consistency and is therefore responsible for its shock-absorption and lubrication function. Furthermore, the Hyaluronic Acid is a component of the hyaline cartilage.


Taking Arthro Heal orally would prevent the pain resulting from injection directly to the knee and avoid the high risk of infecting the sterile joint space with germs and the consequent severe joint infection. Arthro Heal is a pioneer in this recent medical achievement! And gladly offers it to those in need.


This valuable product:

- is legally manufactured by GRAMME REVIT GmbH, Germany and packed in Germany following the production requirements and sanitary measures which comply with the hygiene regulations laid down by the European Food Law, regularly controlled by the Officials of Germany and the Department of Veterinary and Food Control - Administration of Weimar.

- is specially manufactured for the Food Industry and complies with the regulations and standards of GMP and HACCP.

- does not contain components and admixtures injurious to the health of the consumers and is fit for human consumption;

- meets general requirements for microbiological specifications, relevant for its intended use;

- is sold in Germany and other markets as food supplement. (In Germany DUOVITAL and ARTHROSEDAM )


For more information you can visit: http://www.menapharm.com/arthro.php



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