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We as promoters of Dhaman’s insurance services for Investors in and Exporters to the Arab World


With a credit rating of AA with stable outlook (Standard & Poor’s 2014), the Arab Investment & Export Credit Guarantee Corporation- Dhaman, provides substantially important insurance services for foreign and European businessmen interested in investing in the Middle East and encourage trading with the Arab World. Dhaman is a multilateral development agency established in 1974 and owned by the 21 Arabic countries (except for Comoros). Its mission is to support the economic growth and social development of member states through promoting flow of capital into the Arab World and supporting Arab trade internationally.

Signed in 16th of July 2012, Al-Safadi Group concluded a cooperation agreement with Dhaman. Under the terms of the agreement, our company has the exclusive right in Germany to promote the services of Dhaman and help in obtaining investment insurance cover for German (and also European) investors and exporters interested in investing in and exporting to the Arab World. Dhaman provides also other insurance services that facilitate trade between Germany (and Europe) and the Arab World.



The Investment Guarantee Scheme


This scheme compensates for 90% of the losses, with a maximum waiting period of 6 months. It is open for both Non-Arab and Arab investors interested in investing in the Arab World. The scheme protects capital and future returns from Non-Commercial Risks for up to 10 years, subject to extension for another 5 years. These risks include:


- Expropriation & Nationalization

- War & Public Civil Disturbances

- Transfer Restriction

- Breach Of Contract


It covers the following activities:

- Direct Investments (Full Ownership or Equity Participation)

- Loans

- Contractor’s Equipment

- Leasing


It operates in the following sectors:


- Agricultural

- Aviation

- Cement / Construction

- Education

- Financial sector (Equity participation in banks, insurance companies, etc)

- Food Industry

- Industrial

- Petroleum

- Real Estate (commercial, Tourism, etc...)



Export Credit Insurance Scheme for European Exporters to the Arab World


The scheme compensate for between 90 to 100% of the value of exports, with a maximum waiting period of 4 months. German and European individuals and financial institutions interested in exporting to the Arab World are eligible to obtain this insurance, provided that the exported goods are of strategic nature (i.e.: serving the social & economic development in the Arab World).


The risks covered by the scheme are:


- Non-Commercial Risks.

- Commercial Risks:

o Bankruptcy/ Insolvency of the buyer.

o Buyer's failure or refusal to pay.

o Buyer’s refusal to accept the shipped goods.


The following insurance policies are available:

- Comprehensive (With the Exporter /portfolio cover)

- Specific (With the Exporter / one ticket item)

- Buyer’s credit (with a bank / one ticket item)

- Letter of credit (With the Exporter /portfolio cover)



Other services


Other services include: Factoring insurance, lease insurance and bank insurance.



For more information you can check: http://www.dhaman.org/



If you are interested in any of these services, please contact:


Business Manager

Hardenbergplatz 2,

10623 Berlin,


E-Mail: infoqsafadi-group.de

Phone: +49 30 2639 2940


And we will arrange an appointment with you in our office.


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