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Geovatio is an organic fertilizer combining Sapropel, Peat and Minerals. It contains a lot of humic acids and their salts, which are stable and are therefore an essential complement of soil humus. Peat can hold multiple times of water of its own weight and is rich in nitrogen and natural ingredients that are similar to the humus. Thus, it is ideally suited for use in agriculture.


Geovatio’s excellent promising qualities open prospects for land reclamation for the vast arid lands of the Arab World and the Middle East. This fertilizer has the following unique qualities:

  • It saves the use of water (approx. 1/3) and has a long term cost saving of fertilizer and water consumption.
  • It surpasses other organic fertilizers in its nutritional, safety and other physical and chemical properties. Unlike other organic fertilizers “sterile ", it does not contain edged flora, pathogens and various larvae.
  • It has high nutrients which are easily absorbed by plants and has long-term cumulative nutritional properties.
  • It has clearly manifested anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
  • It increases productivity by 20-40 % and significantly improves the taste of vegetables and fruits.
  • It accelerates seed germination and ensures uniform germination.
  • As a natural activator of soil formation, it is a favorable breeding ground for the growth of soil microorganisms.
  • It is an effective natural bio-stimulator for healthy growth and development of the whole plant.
  • It is a natural absorb which binds harmful toxic substances, including heavy metals and radionuclide. This produces environmentally friendly products even after processing of crops with chemical reagents.
  • It stabilizes the air- water regime, which prevents drying and salting of soil. It also balances the pH level.


We would like to note that the mining areas from which the fertilizer is obtained are not under any kind of negative environmental influence. The natural purity is thus as well guaranteed. The exploitation areas are situated far away from cities, towns and villages. They are fully surrounded by forests and sludge areas. The location itself prevents contamination by heavy metals, pesticides, etc.


On request, we will analyze your soil sample. Based on the evaluation, you will receive a recommendation of required quantity of fertilizer per hectare. This would help us also to optimize the mixing ratio.


The fertilizer is offered in the form of powder or granulated form packed in 5l, 20, 40, 1000 kg Big Bags.


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